Sahar Ansari Perez - Printmaker +  Illustrator 

I have a very famous grand aunt, from my mother's side. Many of you must have heard of her, Zubeida Agha, she was one hell of an artist and a super woman (specially in those times) - She left a wonderful legacy of art, and my mother's side of the family has always been involved with this side of the libertine lifestyle. The freethinking unrestrained lifestyle of an artist.

The artist is perpetually doubted for sanity, yes, I agree - I do not have any left either, along with zero marbles to knock about in my head. But, I do love the lifestyle. I am proud to call my self an artist (despite the connotations that come with it), and most of all I want to die known as the craziest, if not greatest printmaker alive.

Printmaking is my life. Any form of printmaking from traditional stone lithography and etchings to modern mixed media type and digital illustrations is my type of printmaking, I cannot call any one particular discipline my favourite. Just that I am a printmaker and I am currently in love with exploring Stone Lithography.

I am also a storyteller, these prints that you see, are my retold tales... of dreams, and realms of the imagined and the unimagined worlds that I hang in between. The jungle of peace within my chaotic daydreams. These are stories that run wild in my head when I read Hesse, Terry Pratchett, Graham Hancock, Camus, Asimov, Tolkien, Arthur C Clarke, Borges, Stephen King, Gerald Durrell and so on. 

I live in a place between the sea and the forest, up in a hill surrounded by wild animals and bees. This is where my dream studio is, in the middle of my garden of rescued plants and lush tropical trees. 


I hope that one day, you will visit me in my printmaking studio, between the trees and the rustling papers, dripping inks and splattered paints, printing up a storm. Because, surely this world needs more and more mad printmakers. There should never be a dearth of madness and insanity if a printmaker is nearby.

In any case, welcome to my art page, where I have tried the bestest best to label, and categorise different art pieces and talk a little about them. If you want to take a piece home, do send me a message and I will try to figure out how anything at all can be shipped out of Rio to you.

And some more...

Sahar Ansari was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, but she was raised in Lahore, Pakistan where she completed her graduation with distinction in Printmaking at NCA in 2000 and picked it up again in 2017 at EAV Parque Lage (till date). The experience of moving between two supposedly different cultures, which actually share vast aspects, brought about a revealing change in her line of thought about life, art and all that lies in between.


Her work has been displayed at several South American print fairs and exhibitions in Brazil, United Kingdom and Pakistan.


She has also established a small printmaking studio ‘Gravuristão’, the name is a combination of Portuguese ‘gravura’ and Urdu ‘istan’ meaning Printmaking Land. It currently boasts of having an antique etching press, a lithography press and several small other presses along with a very extensive printmaking based library. The studio offers intaglio, relief and planography facilities as well as a traditional stone lithography setup.