Stone Lithography | Litografia  

There is a hidden energy all around us, it is the life force we breathe in and consume on a daily basis. We do not need our eyes to see it, and our ears to hear it. It surrounds us and our entire world, our body and mind echoes with its vibrations. If you make the choice and tune your body, you can see and feel the unseen and it can help you communicate and heal from within in and outside. it is a journey not just for the self, but for the many souls we embody and have been.


Stone Lithography is one of the most intuitive and versatile mediums to express the reciprocity of such energy. The stone itself is seen as a cold and silent slab, a mute. However, the romance of the stone tells something else, each stone although grained to have the same smooth surface, already has a story to tell. An artist may have an idea of what they want to create, what they want to say. However, when working with the stone, you have to feel what it is saying first, sometimes it shows you the way, sometimes it adds another dimension to the idea.

(Short video on the technique of lithography:
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